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We offer card payment by VISA / Mastercard outside Sweden.
You can pay and made the order in SKR money or EUR.
Or PayPal work 100%, all the time.

KLARNA CHECKOUT, only for Sweden and Finland customers.
Customers from Finland, need to use EUR, not SKR.

If problems with payment, please contact us. Thanks.

Social Security number
You don´t need to provide a social security number.  You can write ----- or 0000, or something elfse.

Shipment/Europe (EU) 

Deliveries Ordered items been shipped by DHL EXPRESS or POSTE Mail (Small letters, up to 2,0 kg). 
Shipping charge, ALWAYS, about 13 € included VAT.
If long (over 120 cm)/big packed extra cost, about 22 EUR, by UPS.
Small consignments been sent by mail as letters, same shipping cost here too.
Currency exchange differents.

Shipment/Europe (Not EU) 
Deliveries Ordered items been shipped by DHL EXPRESS or Poste Office. (Small letters up to 2,0 kg).
Shipping charge, ALWAYS, about 14 €. 
If long (over 120 cm)/big packed extra cost, about 22 EUR, by UPS.
Currency exchange differents.

Shipment Outside/Europe
Outside Europe, Shipping charge, ALWAYS 28 €. 
Currency exchange differents.
Delivery within 2-3 working days at peak season or fairs an extra day.