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U-40 Brush Cleaner
U-40, Epoxy brush cleaner, 4 oz, 118ml.
U40 Permagloss Rod Varnish
U40 Permagloss. The ultimate one-part urethane rod finish. For those requiring a water-clear,...
U-40 One Rod Kit
Can be used for bonding cork rings, cork handles, EVA foam handles, reel seats, butt caps,...
U-40 Dura Gloss LS High Build
Dura Gloss LS Supreme "Hi-Build" - is a dual purpose polymer. It can be used on light fly rod...
U-40 Dura Gloss LS Supreme
LS Supreme is a medium viscosity system, completely self leveling on the most complex of wraps.
U-40 Quik Bond 2 oz
Easy to mix, very forgiving. 10 min.
U-40 Rod Bond 4 oz
The rod builders adhesive designed by a rod builder engineer for rod builders. A two-part, tough,...
U-40 Cork Seal
Cork Seal is designed to seal the surface of cork rod handles.
U-40 Color Lock
Color Lock, a water base compound which locks in the original color of the thread, it will even...