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Hilevel Soul River Reel Seat
HiLevel Soul River lightweight reel seat, very nice. Matte Frost/Black/Brown color. I.D. 11,5 mm.
MHX Spin Jig SJ781G1
MHX Drop Shot blanks from 7´1. Color: SLATE.
MHX Drop Shot DS8515
MHX Drop Shot blanks from 7´1. Color: SLATE.
Cork Handle Fly Half Wells
Half Wells Fly Corkhandle of high quality. Length 180 x 27 x 16 mm, I.D. 9,5 mm. Cutout I.D. 19,0...
Glassfiber Blanks
New Rustic River fiberglass blanks, with deep and slow comfortable cane action. Available in 2...
Cork Butt 25 mm
High quality small fighting butt for flyrods in size # 4-5-6. Cork/Composite Cork or Black Foam.
Fuji TLNSG Casting Guides
Fuji, Silicon Carbide Concept Guides with Titanium Metal frames are 45-65% lighter, over 3 times...
U40 Permagloss Rod Varnish
U40 Permagloss. The ultimate one-part urethane rod finish. For those requiring a water-clear,...
CRB Rod Drying
CRB developed its new RDS Rod Drying System with two things in mind, Value and Quality. The new...
ProWrap Rod Winding Thread COLOR FAST A
ProWrap™ Nylon thread features strong tensile strength and bright colors that have been pressure...
Charr 43 cm
Soft Charr, 43 cm long. Everybody like it, young and old. CE-Marke.
HiLevel Reel Seats 201
HiLevel, New trout / salmon reel seat in a black finish with a secure locking. Lightweight reel...
Cascol Polyurethane Glue
The best wood/corkhandle glue on the market, all the time. CASCO. 100 ml and 300 ml.
REC Ferrules Nickel Silver
REC High quality Super/Swiss Ferrules, Made in USA. In stock today, All Sizes.
Wood Trim Fly Half Wells
ATC wood trimmed Half Wells Fly handles of high quality. Length 178 x 25 x 19 mm, I.D. 7,0 mm.
ProWrap Rod Winding Thread A
ProWrap™ Nylon thread features strong tensile strength and bright colors that have been pressure...
Flex Coat  Dual Thread
Flex Coat, deluxe silver thread tension device with fine adjustment washer.
Flex Coat Finish 0,9
Flex Coat offers the best combination of properties found in epoxy finish. Superior leveling,...
Microwave DBMW-SET
Set includes 1 stripper guide, 1 transition guide & 7 running guides (9 total based on a 7’...
ATC Rod Building Tools
ATC Thread Pick Set - 4 piece set of steel probes. Great for straightening threads on wraps.
Alcohol Torch
This handy alcohol torch is ideal for singeing wisps of frayed thread and bursting the bubbles...
Switch Corkhandle
Switch cork handle nice design of the highest quality. Perfect to all types of One-handed /...
HiLevel Reel seat 205
HiLevel profil lightweight reel seat, very nice. Black/Silver Colors. I.D. 10,5 mm. Lenght: 10,0...
Cork Filler CF325
This great new filler works excellent on all kinds of cork grips and can be used to repair &...
Roddancer Rod Varnish
RodDancer Rod Varnish is a high-gloss, self-leveling finish that is extremely flexible and...
Ogde Dry Classic Fly Reel
The"Ogden Dry" is inspired by reels made in Redditch in the 1920s and 1930s and sold by the likes...
Burl Corkrings
High-quality burl cork rings are used as posts / trades on the cork grip or fighting butts. Best...
Hilevel Reel seats MC
Some new high-quality, lightweight reel seats in two different woods, downlock. Length on each...
HiLevel Reel seat 249
High quality, HiLevel reel seat. Black satin + wood included. Lenght 100 mm, Outside. 17,5 mm. ...
RECOIL snake guides for light duty / freshwater use. Color Titan.
Tonkin Bamboo flyrods 7´ 6
Tonkin bamboo fly rod comes with 2 pcs tip/top. Treated/varnished.