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Fish Hook, Bottle Opener
Hook file, diamond and Bottle Opener to the best price.
Magnetic Tippet Threader Combo
Magnetic Tippet Threader Combo, included Pin On Reel.
Gamakatsu F11
Easy hook suitable for dry flies and nymphs light - 25 pieces per pack. Color Black nickel.
Gamakatsu F13
Suitable for gold and silverhuvuds flies, Also good for dry flies. 25 per pack. Color: Black Nickel.
Gamakatsu F15
Popular for heavy nymphs and wet flies. Size 12 - 10.
Gamakatsu F18
Gamakatsu F18
Gamakatsu F22
Gamakatsu F22
Gamakatsu LS1150B
Gamakatsu, Color Bronze. Only small quantity in stock. Good price.
Gamakatsu LS5013
Gamakatsu Worm Hook, Good price.
Gamakatsu F112SH
Gamakatsu Nymph, Only small quantity in stock.
Gamakatsu F314
Gamakatsu F314
Gamakatsu T103HF
Gamakatsu Salmon hook, Only small quantity in stock. Good price.
Gamakatsu F31 F31
Gamakatsu SLL113
Gamakatsu Worm, Saltwater. Good price, high quality.
Gamakatsu LS5314N
Gamakatsu Seatrout hook. Good price, color Nickel.