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Plastic box 341
The smallest box in our range. Ideal for flies, jigs and other small things. Dimensions:...
Plastic Box Salmon Tubes 332
3pcs long compartments. Popular for Salmon tube flies.
Fly Box Bamboo TE
Classic bamboo magnetic fly box TE.
Fly Box Bamboo AZ
Top quality bamboo fly box, to keep your flies dry and good. Size: 143 x 94 x 38mm.
Fly Box NDSA
NDS-super small waterproof smart fly box.
Fly Box DSA
Nice super small Double sided waterproof fly box.
Fly Box TR
With one hand you can open this nice and smart fly box. C & F design.
Plastic Box 909B
Single-sided, White Ribbed foam. Deeper, suitable even for salmon / sea trout flies.
Fly Box 907C
Fly Box Gray Foam on booth side, Medium size.
Fly Box 156A
Fly Box Gray Foam on booth side, X-Large size. New design.
Pike-Flies Box
Fliesbox deluxe: Box for flies, material pearlfoam. 2 Keys included.
Alum/Plastic boxes 6
Alum/Plastic boxes with 6 pockets. Color: Grey or Darkred. Design, type Wheatley. Size: 90x62x24mm.