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Sliding Rings Handle Set 1896-1
Sliding rings cork grip set, for AFTM 1-4.
Sliding Rings Handle
Sliding rings cork handle, for AFTM 1-3. I.D. 7,0mm. Weight, only 13 grams. Lenght: 25,5 cm.
Corkhandle Super Trim
The market's hottest /coolest cork handle design of Cigar / Ultra fine, Half or Full Wells "Super...
Corkhandle Ultra Fine cutout DL
Cigarr/Ultra fine Corkhandle in A quality. Length 180 mm, I.D. 8,0 mm. Cutout I.D. 19,0 mm +...
Corkhandle Ultra Fine Super
Corkhandle, Cigarr/Ultra fine in super quality. Lenght 180 mm, I.D. 8,0 mm. With cutout.
Corkhandle Ultra Fine A
Ultra fine, A quality. Lenght 165mm, I.D. 8,0mm. Not cutout.
Corkhandle Ultra Short
Ultra short, cork handle for AFTM 1-3.
Tonkin Woodhandle
Tonkin Woodhandle
Cascol Polyurethane Glue
The best wood/corkhandle glue on the market, all the time. CASCO. 100 ml and 300 ml.
Cork Filler CF325
This great new filler works excellent on all kinds of cork grips and can be used to repair &...
Wood Glue
Cleans up easily with warm water before curing. Great for gluing up cork rings. Grabs fast but...